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–  Building Materials or Privacy policy is in an electronic form and this electronic privacy policy is liable to act as a strong evidence and proof in the court of law or any such legal authorities; it does not require any physical, electronic or digital signature. The electronic Privacy Policy is an agreement and legal document between visitors, being you and the Building Materials website. All the terms of use as well as the Privacy Policy will be applicable as soon as you start using our website, visit our website or by clicking “I Accept” or by ordering our services or products or by any other means.

–  The terms and conditions/terms of use and Privacy policy will use “we”, “our”, “our site”, “and our website” or Building Materials means

–  Please refer to these Terms of use and Terms of Privacy Policy before using our website. Read the policy in detail and care. The use of the website indirectly or directly by visitors or you is an approval of all the terms of Use and Terms of Privacy Policy. If you do not agree on any of the terms then we request you to cease the use of our site.

–  Building Materials value your trust and respect you and your information, for the same reason we will try our best to put on the highest standard for user Privacy and information policy.

–  Building Material website’s policy are subject to alteration without any prior notice to anyone. So we request our users and you to visit our policy page frequently and read carefully and be up to date with each policy.

–  By using our Website or just by browsing the building materials website, you and all users expressly give your consent to our use of all your personal information in the agreement stated in our Privacy Policy and Terms and condition.

Collecting Users’ Personal Information and Details

All users and customers’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore we try to protect it with the best standard of security. Users’ personal information and details assist us to improve and personalize your experience on the site. We collect, gather and use only those information that are prerequisite and required for the smooth and efficient services and to protect and safeguard our users’ accounts.

You are free to browse our website without giving any personal details. There are various details that we collect and are inclusive but not limited to name, home address, phone number, shipping address fax number, email, gender, date of birth and other registration information at the time of your registration on Building Materials site. Mandatory information required on our forms and pages will bear an Asterix sign whereas information required without an Asterix sign can be treated as optional.  

We use such details for our research purpose on interests, demographics, and behavior along with website users to understand, improve, comprehend and serve you well. We also gather other non-personal information while you use or visit our site which includes: 1) Your internet service provider or your sim card/ cellular service provider name. 2) Geographic location of our users’ 3) Browser name and type for instance Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Torch etc. 4) the Operating System on our users devices or system and the sites you have visited 5) we also record various information like duration of your visit, number of visits and each session along with times and dates. We may also gather and store your cookies temporary or permanently. You can opt out and refuse the option of collection of cookies but if you do so, you might miss or not able to access some of our website features. 6) On our behalf, third party providers that we work with may collect such non personal information on the internet on our website or other websites.

Sharing your personal Information

All the users and visitors browsing on our website unconditionally accept the agreement and give consent that our website may share, disclose or transfer any information in full or in part to various partners or building materials clients or business entities along with third-party service providers, partners, banks, or/and any financial companies for various purposes. Our website may disclose information to legal bodies that may be requested by law enforcement agencies that we would be required to oblige through with applicable law.

Building Materials or its partners or associate can sell or share part and/or full information about its users to other business entities under amalgamation or merger with other business or in other case, if we are acquired by any business organization and they might adhere to this privacy policy pertaining to the personal information.

Third Party Site Links

You may be likely to come across several links that could belong to third parties in the form of advertisement, banner or any other electronic communication on our website. Those links are operated and run completely by third parties and we do not have any association or control to such links until we state it expressly on our website.  We are not accountable or responsible for such communication transmitted to you in any form. Our website does not represent the third party’s privacy policy and terms of use/ terms and conditions. We also do not trust or guarantee or have any control on their quality of post, information, content photographs, music, videos, articles, software program or any other form of content. All the details provided to them by you is adhered to their privacy policy and we do not have any control on their policies, hence it’s wise to go through their privacy policy and terms and condition carefully in detail on their website before you share or disclose any valuable or personal information to them.

User Consent

The use of our website on Mobile or any device is implied consent on the agreement mentioned on the Privacy policy. The use of our website and/or by giving your detail information that can be personal or general is the consent of our using and sharing your details as per this policy.


 Any website content is not for or not targeted towards minors that are under age of 18. We restrict use of our website to minors and Building Materials does not intent to serve or sell any of the product or services to minors.

We welcome your Feedback

We respect your feedback and input on our services, products, and website and this may information will be used to enhance the capabilities of our website in order to provide our users with a better experience. We appreciate your feedback to improve our products and services and make the next purchase seamless and smooth in order to create a better environment to shop. In case you may any concerns, please feel free to write to us at or visit our contact us page and submit your responses. 

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